Making a Circulon Pan

To bring you the very best in gourmet cookware, we use only the best materials to construct our pans ensuring they are high performing, high quality and long lasting.

Our exceptional cookware is crafted using a range of materials specifically selected to enhance the performance of our kitchenware items, to ensure we deliver outstanding cooking results.

To help you choose what type of cookware is best for you, here’s our informative guide to the best performing materials to suit your own specific culinary needs.

Circulon substrates explained

Why choose hard anodised aluminium?

Hard anodised aluminium cookware is an excellent choice as it is extremely durable - twice as hard as stainless steel.

This exceptional durability derives from changing the molecular structure of the material. This is undertaken by exposing the pan to low level electrical charges, which changes the pan’s aluminium surface so that it becomes extremely hard.

Thanks to this durability, hard anodised cookware is also highly resistant to scratches, abrasion and corrosion, ensuring your cookware is designed to last within the most rigorous kitchen environments.

Hard anodised pans are also renowned for being excellent heat conductors. Due to the material’s thicker gauge, heat is conducted evenly with no hot spots and spreads evenly over the pan’s whole surface, not just the base. This ensures your ingredients will always be cooked to perfection.

At Circulon we are the pioneers of hard anodised non-stick cookware, bringing the first ever range of this type of cookware to the market in 1986. This revolutionised the cookware industry by establishing a new standard in superior performance. Since 1986 we have constantly developed and refined our hard anodised cookware manufacturing process, to ensure we bring you the best non-stick hard anodised cookware that offers superior cooking performance.



Why choose Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a hard metal that is proven to be resistant to scratches and dents, allowing for higher performance and longevity within your kitchen.

With its polished smoothed surface, stainless steel is renowned for being a stylish and contemporary choice for the kitchen - however at Circulon we also understand that cookware, no matter what the material, needs to perform to the highest standard. Therefore, we are one of the few cookware brands to produce fully non-stick stainless steel ranges.

All of our stainless steel pans feature fully encapsulated aluminium bases, to ensure our stainless steel cookware delivers excellent heat conductivity and distribution. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean too – making it a convenient, culinary companion.



Why choose forged aluminium?

Forged aluminium is used to construct several of our ranges as it is one of the best conductors of heat, second only to copper. In order to create forged aluminium we put our aluminium through our innovative cold forging process, where the material is compressed and condensed under immense pressure, making it extremely strong and highly resistant to corrosion and warping.

Thanks to this precision engineering, our products are high performing and lightweight. For fast, even cooking, heat travels faster up the side of the wall – meaning the heat source is delivered to the area of the pan where it is needed the most. The reinforced rim of the pan prevents any warping and makes it highly durable. Whilst the edge to edge induction base delivers optimum heat distribution meaning no hot spots, therefore cooking is more energy efficient.



and don’t forget the finishing touches…

It’s not just the materials themselves that create a superior pan – we also include intricate details in the development of our cookware’s fixtures and fittings, always ensuring you benefit from functional, high quality kitchen solutions.

Pan Handles

Stylish, easy-grip handles complete the stunning appearance of every Circulon pan. Whether its cast stainless steel for maximum durability, silicone for comfortable slip-free handles or heat resistant riveted handles for added strength and safety, we’ve got every preference covered. Reinforced, riveted handles on every one of our pans deliver strength, durability and safety giving you complete peace of mind in the kitchen.

Pan Lids

Available in either polished stainless steel or tempered glass, our lids are another sign of Circulon quality. Regardless of the material you choose, the most important function of a lid is to trap steam and seal. Each of our pans’ accompanying lids have a snug fit, ensuring steam is safely trapped within the pan and that you benefit from locked in nutrients.

Tall Pan Profile

Featured in our Symmetry range, the tall pan profile provides extra capacity delivering the ultimate combination of professional performance and convenient cooking.


Through innovative design and style every one of our Circulon cookware ranges adheres to our lifetime guarantee and brand promise. A wise investment for any kitchen, Circulon pans are built to last a lifetime.