Why Should You Invest in Cookware?

Why Should You Invest in Cookware?

When there are bills to pay, holidays to save for and rent or mortgage payments to make, investing in a new pan set might feel frivolous. But, by spending a little bit more on your cookware and investing in high-quality products, you’ll save yourself money in the long run - especially when you choose cookware from Circulon. We believe in Pans for Life, meaning you should only have to buy your pans once and they’ll last you forever. They say that you get what you pay for, but what exactly are you paying for when you choose Circulon cookware? Here are seven reasons why you should invest in your cookware:

1. Food Will Never Stick to Your Pans Again

At Circulon, we’re pioneers of non-stick cookware - our unique, patented Total® non-stick coating creates air pockets that enable smoother air flow for better cooking performance, preventing the food you’ve poured your heart and soul into from being lost to your pans. It’s also proven to last 15 times longer than the non-stick finish our closest competitor offers, so you can make the stickiest of meals without having to prize food off the bottom of your pan. A great meal involves the perfect ingredients and the perfect cookware - you can’t get a better combination than that.

2. You’ll Be Able to Put Your Pans in the Oven

Have you ever found yourself making something like a frittata in your frying pan, thinking it’d be extra lovely with the cheese grilled to perfection to finish it off, but feeling as though it’d be a logistical nightmare to take it out of the pan and put it onto something oven-proof without ruining it?

With Circulon pans, you can take your cookware from the hob to the oven to the table, with many of our products oven-proof up to temperatures of 204°C, and some even have shatter-resistant glass lids. A more seamless way of cooking is definitely another reason to invest in better quality cookware.

3. Your Handles Will Stay Sturdy Forever

With some pans, their handles aren’t heat-resistant or sturdy, snapping off when you’re trying to cook anything heavier than a soup. At Circulon, we test the strength of our handles over and over again, using heavy weights to make sure they can cope - it’s those little touches that make our pans worth investing in.

4. Food Will Cook Evenly, Every Time

Our cookware is also designed to provide even heat distribution, to help you to make food perfectly, every time. Circulon pans are fast-heating too, reaching the desired temperature 20 times faster than other leading brands, but they don’t rely on hot spots. Faster heating pans means being in the kitchen should be a lot less stressful, and cooking fish and steak to perfection will no longer be a challenge - that’s something else that has to be worth investing in.

5. Our Pans Are Incredibly Easy to Clean

It can be so much fun being an ambitious home cook, using every pot and pan in your kitchen to make an elaborate meal - until it comes to the washing up. If you prefer to wash your pans by hand, it’ll become easier than ever, as there’s no need for soaking, thanks to our non-stick coating - just wipe your pans down and that’s it. Prefer to put everything in the dishwasher? That’s fine too, as our cookware is truly dishwasher-safe, so it won’t get damaged after a few uses - we use material that we use that’s built to resist corrosives like dishwasher detergent, so there’s no need to worry.

6. You Can Use Your Pans on Any Type of Stovetop

Invest in Circulon cookware and it won’t matter if you update your kitchen in a few years, as our pans are compatible with all hob types - gas, electric and induction. This makes the one-off cost of your cookware more than worth it. Just think, if you go out for dinner, you can end up spending $80 for two people, for just one meal; spend the same on a set of quality pans, and you’ll get meals out of them for a lifetime, regardless of how many times you update the rest of your kitchen.

7. You’ll Get a Lifetime Guarantee

We’re so confident in the quality of our pans that all of our cookware comes with a hassle-free lifetime guarantee, which means a lifetime of cooking joy for you.

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