Why do we need fibre in our diets?

Why do we need fibre in our diets?

It keeps the digestive system healthy, helps us feelfull and is linked to reducing the risk of heart disease, some cancers anddiabetes.

You need 35g per day, which you could be well on the way each day by eating 1 bowl of fortified or whole-wheatcereal + 4 slices of wholegrain toast + 1 pear + 1 apple + ½ cup of peas + ½cup of cooked potato = 25g of fibre.

Consider a supplement if you often experience constipation.Fibre also helps lower cholesterol levels, so if yours is high, but don’t eatenough fibre, a supplement may be wise.

Need to know facts:

  • There are two types of fibre – soluble, which isfound in fruit, vegetables, lentils and oat bran, and insoluble, which is foundin wholegrain foods, nuts and the skins of fruit and vegetables. “They havedifferent roles, but both are needed and are often found in the same foods, somore important than focusing on the type of fibre is making sure you’re eatingenough,” says nutritionist Tara Diversi.
  • Fibre supplements generally  contain both soluble and insoluble fibre. Ifyou take one, drink plenty of water as well. “And don’t take it at the sametime as other medications or vitamin supplements,” says Diversi.
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