The Right Food for Better Fitness - Cardio

The Right Food for Better Fitness - Cardio

Eatingthe right balance of nutrients and timing your meals properly can help you getmore out of your workouts.

While a balanced diet is essential to fuel any workout plan, the type ofexercise we do alters our nutrient needs slightly.

Cardio Exercise (for example, jogging, swimming, cycling,dancing)

If you do less than five hours a week… aim to eat threeto five grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of your body weight each day. Forexample, a 70kg woman will need about 210g to 350g of carbs a day.

If you do more than five to 10 hours a week… yourcarbohydrate requirement increases to five to seven grams per kilogram of yourbody weight. For example, a 70kg woman will need 350g to 420g per day.

Each of the following examples contain about 30g carbs.

  • Two pieces wholegrain toast
  • 250ml glass orange juice
  • One cup of cooked wholemeal pasta
  • One large banana
  • Small bowl of Swiss-stylemuesli
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