Get Better Batter With These Pancake Day Recipes

Get Better Batter With These Pancake Day Recipes

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With Pancake Day on the horizon, we know you’ve got the lemon and sugar ready - maybe you’re even practicing your flipping skills (it’s all in the wrist action). But while the beauty of pancakes is how simple they are to make, that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz them up a bit with a little extra effort.

Circulon’s frying pans and skillets all incorporate our Total® Non-Stick system, proven to provide outstanding non-stick performance. Which gives you the perfect excuse to get adventurous in the kitchen this February with these unique Pancake Day ideas.

Everything tastes better with chocolate

They might be the perfect treat, but let’s face it - adding chocolate to most things is a good idea. Mix in some cocoa powder to the batter, or get really indulgent and stir in a spoonful (or two) of Nutella. Add a bit of fruit and whipped cream to serve, and enjoy.

Genius Blinis

Rather than go for the traditional large flat pancake, why not try making some smaller, more American-style pancakes for a canape-style blini? They taste best with some cream cheese and smoked salmon, but you can also get fancy with caviar or some horseradish. Serve them on your poshest plates for that cocktail party vibe, or eat them next to the hob with a blini in one hand and some smoked salmon in the other. Just because blinis are classy, doesn’t mean you have to be too.

Taste the Rainbow

Who says pancakes need to be beige? Sure, there’s something soothingly traditional about the golden brown of a perfectly cooked pancake but show off and get technicolour. You can use food colouring, but for something a bit different try adding beetroot for a lovely pinky-red colour, or go green with some spinach. Strawberries and raspberries give a sweet kick to the batter as well as a pretty pink, and enough finely grated carrot can make a bright sunset orange. If you think about it, it’s basically a fried smoothie.

Go Global

While we’re used to crepes and thick American-style pancakes, most cultures have variations on it. If you want something different this year, try cooking up a pajeon. This Korean pancake includes shredded potato and vegetables in the batter, and can be served up as a savoury snack. Stick with the Korean theme and try a kimchi-buchimagae with the kicky condiment beloved by hipster restaurants everywhere.

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart

Who says pancakes are only for dessert? With a little tomato puree, grated cheese and some toppings, they can also make the perfect light pizza base. And because they’re so light - and quick to make - you can justify having more than one, unlike regular pizza. Mix your batter, fry the pancake in a hot skillet and then pop it in the oven to let the cheese melt and get all gooey - what more do you want?

Technically, you could have pancakes as a starter, main course and dessert. We’re not saying you should - just that it’s an option. A really tasty, seasonally-appropriate option. And the more you make, the more you perfect that pancake toss - with the right frying pan, of course.

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