Do You Have a Sense of Purpose?

Do You Have a Sense of Purpose?

By Gerald Quigley

Having a sense of purpose protects your heart and adds years to your life.

Scientists have found that people who felt strongly that their lives have meaning, or that they are “useful” to others were at lower risk for heart disease and death. In addition, people whose life has meaning also had a lower risk for heart problems.

More research is needed to determine exactly how having a sense of purpose in life enhances health, but it might shield the body from responses to stress. It might also promote a healthier lifestyle.

It seems that having a strong sense of life purpose has long been postulated to be an important dimension of life, providing people with a sense of vitality, motivation and resilience.

Nevertheless, the medical implications of living with a high or low sense of life purposes have only recently caught the attention of investigators. That might open up new potential interventions for helping people to promote their health and sense of well-being.


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