Antioxidant Surprise! - Mushrooms

Antioxidant Surprise! - Mushrooms

Antioxidantsaren’t just found in blueberries and green tea. They’re also in many otherfoods that you wouldn’t expect.

Mushrooms contain an antioxidant called Ergothioneine, which is also found inwheatgerm, and plays an important role in protecting the body’s cells.

The research says: You don’t even have to splash out on exoticvarieties – the good old garden-variety button mushroom contains 12 times moreergothioneine than wheatgerm, previously believed to be the best dietarysource.

In fact, research has also shown that the button mushroom has as much,and in some cases more antioxidants than traditionally more expensive mushroomvarieties, and ranks above tomatoes, pumpkin, carrots and green beans on ascale designed to measure overall antioxidant activity.

Tip: While the entire mushroom – stalk and all – containsantioxidants, the body or ‘top’ of the vegetable has a higher concentration.

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