Your body could be your best friend, here’s how…

Your body could be your best friend, here’s how…

By Simone Milasas

All of us have areas in life where we’re very competent, I’ve always felt really comfortable with business and money. Even when I was in debt I found it easy to make money. My body? Different story. At school I was extremely athletic and did lots of different sports, but I didn’t have gratitude for my body. I have judged my body my entire life and chosen partners who were judgemental of me and my body.

Things have changed a lot since I started using the tools of Access Consciousness®. I have become more aware of my body, but it took a major operation for me to get how truly amazing my body is.

Last November I had a hysterectomy and a fibroid the size of a rock melon was removed. My body was in immense pain, it was quite incredible. After I came out of hospital I had to nurture and care for my body for eight weeks. What has occurred is a sense of peace with me and my body that I’ve been seeking for years. It feels like I’m in a brand new relationship. Every day I’m so grateful my body is still here and still keeps humming along.

If you’re ready to repair your relationship with your body, here are some of the tools I use. You have to be willing to hear the subtle whispers from your body and not wait till it is in dire straits.

Can we start over?

One of my favourite tools is to be vulnerable with my body. I literally said, “Body, I’m sorry that I’ve been so mean to you. From this very moment I’m going to listen to you. Now what can we play with?”

Small choices lead to bigger ones

If you’ve not listened to your body before, start with small things. Ask your body what it desires to eat or what clothes it likes to wear. I started wearing red lipstick, something I’ve never done before because I didn’t like the shape of my lips. Red lipstick? I love it.

If you are willing to ask questions, your body will give you awareness even with sex. Ask your body, who would be fun and nurturing to have sex with, and see what shows up.

So what if you get it wrong, keep going!

When you ask your body a question, if you feel lighter then that’s true for you. What makes you feel heavier is usually a lie. Use light and heavy as a guide when communicating with your body. Your body may also use its senses to communicate. One night, recently, I had a glass of wine and it tasted great. So I had a second glass of wine… it didn’t taste so good and I realised I hadn’t asked my body if it wanted more.

Thanks for waking up

People strive for the perfect body and I too have complained about the shape and size of my body. Nowadays I’m asking for my body to have strength, flexibility and agility. The more you keep saying you’re too fat, or too old, the more you solidify that judgement and the less changeable it gets.

When you wake in the morning and look in the mirror, what if you said, “Hey, body! Thanks for waking up. What fun can we have today?”


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