Why Magnesium?

Why Magnesium?

It’s required for more than 300 of the body’s enzymereactions, including those involved in energy production and muscle relaxation.

How much do you need?

You need 310mg per day, increasing to 320mg afteryou turn 31.

Where can you get Magnesium from?

1 tablespoon of kelp + 30g of Brazil nuts + 1tablespoon of brown rice = 320mg of magnesium.

Consider taking a supplement if you regularly feel stressed, orfrequently experience muscle tension and cramps. It may also be beneficial forpeople with insomnia, restless legs syndrome and high blood pressure.

Need to know facts:

  • Taking a magnesium supplement at the same timeas an antibiotic, and certain thyroid and osteoporosis medications can lessentheir effectiveness. Take magnesium supplements at least two hours apart fromother medications.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, and having insufficientprotein in the diet can inhibit how much magnesium is absorbed from a food orsupplement.
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