21 ways to a healthier summer : Lifestyle - Part 5

21 ways to a healthier summer : Lifestyle - Part 5

No. 13 - Put your feet first

As much as we love them, thongs can harm foot health.“Thongs make the small muscles in your feet work harder and can lead to poorposture, shin splints, and knee and hip pain,” says Brendit’s en Brown,president of the Australasian Podiatry Council. The good news is, you can stillwear thongs – but in moderation. “It’s okay at the beach or pool, but avoid themif you’re going to be out of the house for a long time. Choose supportive,lace-up shoes, like sneakers, instead,” advises Brown.

No. 14 - Pick the perfect pair

“When choosing sunglasses, be aware lens colour has norelation to how much UV is blocked, it’s more about reducing brightness,” saysDr Peter Hendicott, acting head of the School of Optometry at QueenslandUniversity of Technology. “Also, an expensive pair won’t necessarily give youbetter protection – the only potential difference is frame quality.” Look outfor sunglasses that meet category two or three of the Australian standard andhave an Eye Protection Factor of nine or 10, which means they offer good UVprotection.

No. 15 - Try a cooling yogic breath

As the mercury rises, keep your cool with sitali breathing.“Sitali pranayama has a cooling, calming influence and helps you refresh on ahot day,” says Deepa Ebeli, principal yoga teacher at Breathing Space Yoga.Here’s how to do it:

Step1: Sitting upright and in a comfortable position, exhaleand form your lips into a large ‘O’ shape.

Step2: Extend your tongue out and curl it for form a ‘straw’for sipping the breath. Slowly inhale, feeling the breath cool the length ofyour tongue.

Step3: After a full inhalation, hold your breath for a fewcounts, then exhale. Continue for five minutes, finishing with a deepinhalation through both nostrils.

No. 16 - Lighten up

This summer, open the curtains as soon as the alarm goesoff. Sunlight signals your brain to stop the production of the sleep hormonemelatonin, and acts as a natural antidepressant, boosting mood.

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