21 Ways to a Healthier Summer : Its a bug’s life - Part 2

21 Ways to a Healthier Summer : Its a bug’s life - Part 2

No. 4 - Beat the bite

Chemical-based insect repellents have raised concerns due topotential side-effects such as rashes, skin irritation and headaches. Dr VickiKotsirilos, holistic GP and founder of the Australasian Integrative MedicineAssociation, suggests beating the bite naturally by covering skin with long,loose clothing, wearing protective footwear and avoiding peak biting times ofdawn and dusk. Also, try essential-oil based repellents. “They’re effective and– as long as you don’t have sensitive skin and you prevent children fromswallowing them – may be a safer alternative,” says Kotsirilos.

No. 5 - Beat summer bugs with tea

Drinking black tea could boost your body’s defences againstthe bacteria, viruses and fungi that are rife in warmer months. US researchersfound people who drank five to six small cups of black tea per day producedfive times as many germ-fighting proteins as coffee drinkers. 

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